Sunday, June 25, 2006

d.Construct 2006 stays in Brighton

clear:left have announced the speakers for this years d.Construct conference in Brighton. Last year's event was excellent and this year's should be even better but I think it might be hard to get tickets as there's only 350 places.

Even so, I was glad when I found out it was going to be held at the Brighton Corn Exchange as there'd been talk about moving it to London this year (this was just pub banter between clear:left's Andy Budd, me and a few others following a SkillSwap event earlier this year, not official news).

The argument for moving to London was primarily that Brighton didn't have the right sized venue for the expanding conference - last year's venue, Fabrica, was too small and the Brighton Centre was too big.

But to move it to London would have dented Brighton's ever growing reputation as a centre of excellence for the 'new media' industry.

The fact that the first d.Contruct event was held in Brighton reflects the disproportionately high number of web development companies and freelancers in the city that's come to be known as Silicon Beach (tongue in cheek).

I know that the conference needs to attract people from far and wide and that most international (or even national) delegates probably won't know as much about Brighton as they know about London.

What would I prefer? A day on the south coast in the fresh air of one of England's most vibrant and happening little cities or a day in the claustrophobic and confined inner city streets of the Capital?

Mmm. Tough one...not!

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