Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Diving gingerly into e-commerce

My local paper said yesterday that traders in Brighton and Hove have been told to start selling online if they want to stay competitive and counteract the slump in consumer spending on the high street.

This advice came from DreamTeam Design who develop the EROL e-commerce software so their motivation is clear but I've got no problem with that - it's good business sense and they're providing local traders with useful advice about something most of them aren't sure of how to get started with.

EROL's a fully featured and highly customizable e-commerce system so I think it's good for traders who are ready to dive into e-commerce in a big way.

My company's currently working on its own e-commerce product which won't rival the features of EROL and, because of this, I think it will attract traders who want to dip their toes into e-commerce rather than taking the plunge with something as feature rich as EROL.

Am I right? Do traders want to go in at the deep end of e-commerce or paddle in the shallows for a bit?

And have I overdone the water-based metaphors in the this post or what?

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