Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Movements towards web patterns

This is an interesting set of statistics collected by Google that shows the most commonly used classes in web pages.

Apart from the fact that 'footer', the most common class, and quite a few of the others should probably be ids and not classes as you're not likely to have more than one occurrence in a page, this makes me think that perhaps we're not that far away from the types of web patterns that John Allsopp is talking about (mp3).

If most pages that use classes are already unknowingly using very similar naming conventions, maybe it wouldn't be too difficult to encourage and educate developers to adhere more closely to recognised and reusable patterns in their markup.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

My developer's toolkit

These are the tools that I currently use to develop websites. With the exception of Dreamweaver (which I'll be trying to migrate away from in favour of Nvu as soon as possible), they're all either open source or freely available services

Firefox web developer's extension - loads of tools for inspecting and testing web pages (Firefox extension)
Subversion - Source file versioning system
Tortoise SVN - Client for Subversion (Win)
Dreamweaver - Web authoring (not open source)
Gimp - Image editor
HTML-Kit - Text editor
HTML validator - HTML validation
CSS validator - CSS validation
W3Schools - Reference resource for CSS, XHTML, Javascript, etc)
Firebug - DOM inspector with great tools for debugging AJAX development (Firefox extension)
View Source Chart - Very accessible HTML source viewer

The following aren't really tools but incredibly useful open source applications that make life a whole lot easier:

Apache - Web server
Squid - Caching server
Zope - Application server
Plone - Content Management System (built on Zope)
Python - Object oriented programming language

The following are tools that I don't currently use but that I've heard good things about:

Nvu - Website authoring
Audacity - Audio editor
GMail Drive - Virtual hard drive using GMail (Win)
gDisk - Virtual hard drive using GMail (Mac) -
Rico - AJAX library
Prototype - AJAX library
Inkscape - Vector graphics