Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Virtual embarrassment for a Second Life virgin

Today I created my first Second Life account. After five minutes I was floating in the clouds with no idea how to get back down. Hit the fly button - up, up and away.

Well, isn't that what every newbie does (right after stripping all your clothes off, turning yourself into a woman and running around in the nod like a nutter)?

So I logged out and in again (after waiting four minutes before it would let me back in for some reason) and found myself in some strange land full of non-newbies who all seemed to know what they were doing.

Gone was the safety of the learning island where everyone was stumbling around with the same carefree ignorance as me. It wasn't that I was frightened or worried, but I did feel physically uncomfortable in that place surrounded by all those knowledgeable strangers.

On reflection I put this emotional response down to real embarrassment and the need to fit in with the crowd. I didn't want others to see me for what I really was - an inadequate newbie.

Given that, at the time, "I" was Charlie Lupino, an androgenous, vaguely humanoid avatar with a blue mohican, white underpants and the power of flight, that's a pretty powerful emotion.

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