Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I found it useful. You could too! - Firebug

Today's useful thing is the Firebug extension for Firefox.

If you're a web developer Firebug's an absolute must have. It's like a mechanic's pit for web pages. It lets you get right underneath and have a good tinker with all the elements that make up the page.

Any one of its features would make a great tool in its own right. Like being able to edit the html code of a page in the browser and see immediately what effect the changes are going to have without even refreshing the page. But it's does so much more than that. You can edit, monitor and debug all the html, css and javascript that makes up any page - including data returned by Ajax calls. Take a look at Jesse Newland's Firebug 1.0 screencast.

If it's not already in your developer's toolkit, add it.

One little hiccup: Firebug 1.0 has recently been released but a lot of users are experiencing a bug which prevents the styles from being displayed and can only be fixed by uninstalling Firefox and reinstalling it in a new directory. There's a discussion about this on the Firebug blog.

I haven't done this yet as I'm hoping a better fix will be found and released soon and I don't fancy reinstalling Firefox.

Screenshot showing a bug in Firebug 1.0

Above: Screenshot showing Firebug 1.0's styles bug in the right hand pane.

Despite this, I'd still recommend upgrading if you're still using version 0.4.

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Danny Hope said...

I like the mechanic's pit alalogy.

Danny Hope said...


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